Commercial & Residential

Since 1981, Merritt Construction Inc., has completed thousands of projects including restaurants, churches, schools, retail spaces, and multi-million dollar homes.

Seismic Retrofits

Earthquakes and old buildings don't always mix.  A 'seismic retrofit' is a fortification project to make sure old buildings don't fall down in an earthquake.

Dry Rot Repair

We've done hundreds of large-scale dry rot repairs. Exposed rot can be unsightly, but rot in a load bearing beam, can be even worse when it won't pass inspection.


Since 1993

Reliable Professionals You Can Count On.

We take projects that are often described in the bidding phase as difficult, one-of-a-kind, or "prototype" structures because we pride ourselves on taking those tough projects and providing a pristine shell for that building. Fast, safe, clean, production building is what we do, and our clientele are some of the most discerning there are.