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Commercial & Residential Framing

Since 1981, Merritt Construction Inc., has completed thousands of projects including restaurants, churches, schools, retail spaces, remodels, and custom homes. We strive for the finest quality work, pride ourselves on  craftsmanship and specialize in wood framed structures of the highest caliber.

SEISMIC RETROFITS & Tenant Improvements

Earthquakes and old buildings don't always mix.  A 'seismic retrofit' is a fortification project to make sure old buildings don't fall down in the case of an earthquake. However, many newer buildings also require retrofits or modifications to meet the newest building codes.

DRY ROT REPAIR & Strategic demolition

We've done hundreds of large scale dry rot repairs and strategic demolition projects. Exposed rot can be unsightly in fascia, trim, and siding, but rot in a load bearing beam can be even worse. In addition to potentially failing inspection, particularly bad cases can lead to structural failure.